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Continuous & Laser Cheques

Continuous Cheques
At Cheque Forms SA, we manufacture the complete range of continuous cheques and cheque remittances. We can cater for all sizes including nonstandard USA and UK sizes. We have even produced New Zealand and London cheques. Our range can accommodate one part and multi part sets. We have available the full colour range where we can print from 1 to 4 colour pictorials. Our customer focussed design enhances your business image and is fully customised to suit your computer print needs. Remember, if you need continuous cheques, we are the specialists.

Laser Cheques
The most recent development in the Australian market has been the new opening for laser cheques. We have recognised this opportunity having a large client base for laser style cheque users. Our products are tailored to meet the market needs for all types of printers such as, inkjets, lasers etc. We use laser compatible paper to prevent curling and feed jams. We have available a full colour range from 1 to 4 colour pictorial. We custom design our forms to reflect your business image and your needs.

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